Crop Scouting Basics for Corn and Soybean: Web Book


Crop Scouting Basics for Corn and Soybean

CPN 4007. Published January 5, 2021. DOI:

Adam J. Sisson, Iowa State University; Daren S. Mueller, Iowa State University; Shawn P. Conley, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Corey K. Gerber, Purdue University; Scott H. Graham, Auburn University; Erin W. Hodgson, Iowa State University; Travis R. Legleiter, University of Kentucky; Paul P. Price, Louisiana State University; Kristine J. Schaefer, Iowa State University; Ed J. Sikora, Auburn University; Tessie H. Wilkerson, Mississippi State University; and Kenneth L. Wise, Cornell University.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can help corn and soybean farmers obtain higher yields and increase profits. Assembling information from a variety of crop-related disciplines and emphasizing recordkeeping and field scouting, IPM begins with gaining knowledge. Thus, the focus of this text is helping a field scout to understand what is occurring in a corn or soybean field. Knowing what a healthy crop looks like and how to assess it, knowing what insects, diseases, or weeds are present, and knowing the risk associated with these issues are integral parts of crop production. We hope that through this text, your knowledge about crop scouting and pest management will increase, and that this will lead to stronger corn and soybean production systems through increased yields, profitability, and resource stewardship.

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