Yield Loss Calculator

The purpose of these calculators are to share economically important information on estimated crop losses from diseases and insect pests. These calculators query multiple types of production and disease or insect pest yield loss data for a variety of user-defined factors. The loss values here are expert estimates and not actual loss values. The goal is to better inform industry agronomists, researchers, extension workers, commodity groups, and funding agencies about the impact of diseases and insect pests on corn, cotton, soybean, and wheat production in order to more effectively direct limited time and resources.

Severity Estimation Tool

Use this web tool to help train your eyes for more accurate disease and defoliation ratings on field crops. Crop scouts and researchers often overestimate the amount of disease severity or defoliation on leaves, and the activities here will help hone assessment skills for common crop diseases and insect pests. 

Fungicide ROI Calculator

View results from university uniform corn fungicide trials conducted in the United States and Canada, and calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) for corn fungicide application across a variety of user-defined factors, which is based on research data.

Bean Binoculars

The Bean Binoculars interactive map displays soybean production issues from across the country as they arise throughout the growing season. This map is updated regularly by extension specialists in each state and visualizes the status of various soybean production issues as they occur.