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How Tar Spot of Corn Impacted Hybrid Yields During the 2018 Midwest Epidemic

Tar spot of corn is a new disease to the United States that was first observed in 2015 in Indiana and Illinois. Since then, it has also been confirmed in Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In 2018, a tar spot epidemic occurred in the upper Midwest, which had a significant impact on corn grain and silage yield and quality. Little field screening has been done in the US for corn germplasm... Read More

Foliar Fungicide Decisions for Late-Planted Crops

Many farmers are now asking if fungicide application(s) will provide an adequate return on investment. The answer to this question will be crop, region, state and field specific. However, there are guidelines that can aid in determining if a fungicide application will be a sound investment in 2019. Read More

Soybean Seed Quality Considerations for 2019

Seed quality from the 2018 soybean harvest was below average across the majority of the soybean-producing areas of the United States. Several factors led to poor-quality soybean seed, but some of the most important were wet conditions throughout the fall and subsequent delayed harvest. The wet conditions delayed harvest and created the right conditions for several seed diseases. Read More

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Pythium Stalk Rot of Corn

Pythium stalk rot of corn can occur any time during the season, particularly if conditions are very... Read More

Cereal Cyst Nematode of Wheat

Cereal cyst nematodes are some of the most economically damaging nematodes to wheat production. Most... Read More

Dwarf Bunt of Wheat

Dwarf bunt is also known as dwarf smut. It typically occurs with long periods of snow cover, and onl... Read More