Bean Pod Mottle of Soybean

Bean pod mottle of soybean

Foliar symptoms caused by Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV) include distorted and wrinkled leaves that have a mottled color pattern. Symptoms appear more severe on young leaves, sometimes with a raised, blistered, or distorted appearance. Infection by BPMV decreases pod formation, reduces seed size, weight and number, and may cause seed mottling. Mottling is associated with poor germination and may result in a grain grade reduction, particularly for food grade soybeans.

BPMV is transmitted primarily by the bean leaf beetle. Foliar symptoms are most obvious at cooler temperatures and often disappear when it is hot.

Soybean varieties differ in BPMV tolerance, although the differences are not clearly studied. Consider planting insecticide-treated seed if overwintering survival of bean leaf beetles is predicted, or if bean pod mottle has been confirmed in fields previously and bean leaf beetles have been present. Foliar-applied insecticides can manage bean leaf beetle populations and may reduce bean pod mottle. Foliar symptoms of bean pod mottle. Image: A. Robertson

Soybean leaves infected by the Bean pod mottle virus. Image: C. Grau 

Gallery Images: A. Robertson, K. Jensen, A. Sisson, and C. Grau

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