Support Your Crops - Invest in Extension

Invest in the Future of Agriculture

Donating to the Crop Protection Network (CPN) is a direct investment in sustainable agriculture and the well-being of farmers. By supporting CPN, you contribute to:

Research-Based Solutions: Your donation funds research that develops effective and sustainable crop protection strategies, helping farmers and agriculture industry professionals combat pests and diseases that cause yield loss.

Education and Outreach: CPN uses funds to educate farmers, extension educators, and agribusiness professionals with the latest information and tools, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Collaboration and Innovation: CPN provides a collaborative platform for experts from universities and institutions to work together, fostering innovation in pest management and agricultural practices.

Nationwide Impact and Beyond: CPN's efforts extend across U.S. and Canadian growing regions, addressing the diverse challenges faced by farmers and ensuring broad-reaching benefits for the agricultural community.

Resource Accessibility: Your donation helps maintain and expand CPN's resources, making valuable tools, guides, and information readily available to farmers and professionals involved in crop disease and pest management.