Tobacco ringspot of soybean

Symptoms of Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV) include bud blight, shepherd’s crooking, stunting, wilting, delayed maturity, bud and leaf proliferation, reduced pod number, and discolored, distorted, and dead leaves. TRSV-infected plants may have discolored pith, petiole distortion and discoloration, leaf vein discoloration, and poor root nodulation. TRSV can be seed transmitted but is also spread by several insects. Hot, dry weather is conducive to disease development. Make sure to plant disease-free, high-quality seed. Tobacco ringspot may be reduced by planting next to corn fields rather than pastures.

Shepherd’s crooking can be a prominent symptom of tobacco ringspot. Image: K. Black
Delayed maturity resulting from Tobacco ringspot virus infection. Image: K. Black



Gallery Images: K. Black and L. Giesler