Trichoderma ear rot of corn

Trichoderma ear rot is caused by the fungus Trichoderma viride. It appears as dark green mold growing on or between kernels, often covering the entire ear. Kernels may sprout on the cob if disease is severe. It is primarily found on scattered plants under severe stress and is associated with injury to developing ears. Typically, it is not economically damaging. Grain should be dried appropriately before storage; mycotoxins are not associated with this ear rot.

Dark green mold growing between kernels is a sign of Trichoderma ear rot. Image: G. Munkvold
Trichoderma ear rot often covers the entire ear. Image: G. Munkvold



CPN-2001 – Corn – Ear-Rots



Gallery Images: G. Munkvold and C. Hurburg