2017 Harvest Getting Underway

We’re getting to the end of a pretty good growing season.  Our corn finished out well and the cotton, peanuts, and soybeans are looking good too.  Very few times this summer has it been dry enough to make our crops stress.


The photo above shows a cotton field in Dillon that’s been defoliated and is ready to pick.   Lots more are ready to defoliate.  Luckily, Hurricane Irma didn’t cause us any significant trouble on this side of the state, so for the first time in a couple years, the weather shouldn’t hold us up from picking.


The warm weather (80+ degrees) is forecast to be around for a while, so it will be important for growers to harvest in a timely manner to avoid as much regrowth as possible.

Lots of peanuts are being dug now.  We’re seeing late leaf spot develop in some fields, so if you still have a while before they’re ready to dig, it may not quite be time to stop managing for foliar disease.


Refer back to this post for tips on checking peanut maturity and make sure you’re digging at just the right time.

Most soybean fields are around R6 now and the leaves are starting to yellow in a lot of places.  A few folks have even started harvesting some early planted fields.


Asian soybean rust has been moving across the state, thanks to Irma, and was most recently found in Orangeburg.  As late in the season as we are, this shouldn’t be expected to impact our yields.  The exception would be if there are some beans still in the V2 or V3 stage.  Then, we may see some benefit from a protective fungicide.


Soybeans at R6.  Seed in the uppermost pods are green in color and full size.

Take a look at the 2017 SC Pest Management Handbook for more info on defoliation or soybean rust protection.


Source: Clemson Cooperative Extension PeeDee, 2017 Harvest Getting Underway